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Welcome to LCCC

Welcome to the official website of Lighthouse Christian College Cranbourne (LCCC). This website will assist you in becoming better acquainted with our College, its purpose, values, practices and requirements.

We are here to serve the Christian community and in particular to assist Christian parents to teach and train their children in a Godly environment. To this end, all staff at LCCC are committed Christians with appropriate teaching qualifications and registrations. We are continually developing a curriculum that will consistently reflect our Christian worldview.

The College is committed to compliance with civil regulations and is registered by the Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority and all teachers are registered with the Victorian Institute of Teachers. Our Curriculum is compliant with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. The College is also a member of Independent Schools of Victoria (ISV).

We acknowledge the generous Federal and State Recurrent Grants, which have enabled us to maintain our low school fee structure. In turn, families in the school have benefited, as many would not have otherwise been able to afford a Christian Education like ours.

The staff of LCCC would like to express gratefulness to our God and to the Churches that work with us for the support and opportunity available to us.

To discuss your interests or concerns, feel free to make an appointment to meet with me by ringing the school on
(03) 5996 1588.

Yours in Christ’s service
Jacob Mathews

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